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About Ma Soul’s

Just Like Ma Used to Make

To so many, soul food is Sunday dinner any day of the week. It’s tradition with no need for holiday. A plate of soul food says welcome home, we’ve missed you.

At Ma’s, we aim to give you that soothing comfort food with our juicy, 3 generation old, fried chicken recipe that will evoke warm memories of family dinners or trips to the south where you learn about good southern “put your foot in it” home cooking.

We keep it simple and satisfying, offering Southern fried all natural chicken coated in Ma's very own housemade and specially seasoned batter. Deep fried to create a flaky crunchy crust while retaining the juicy tender meat inside. Ma's bakes fresh and warm waffles in house too! Join us for an informal southern hospitality indulgent meal full of life with Soul Music playing and sweet tea pouring. We can’t wait to see you!